About Us


  As a leader of quality stone and brick construction, we take pride in offering the best

workmanship and professionalism.  We are a family owned and operated business, having served

the Miami Valley region for over 50 years.

Please consider the following when researching a stone and brick contractor : Does the contractor

carry insurance?   Hanauer Stone and Brick carries liability insurance which would cover the cost

in the unlikely event damage was done to your property.

Does the contractor carry Workman's Compensation and Unemployment Insurance?

Hanauer Stone and Brick carries Workman's Compensation should one of our employees suffer an

injury on the job.  We also provide Unemployment Insurance to financially provide for our employees during our off season.

Most importantly, and to sum it up, is the stone and brick contractor truely

"running a business", in other words , do they pay federal, state, and local taxes?

Hanauer Stone and Brick pays all taxes associated with the legal operation of any business.

We believe in doing our part to keep our economy healthy and productive.

Building a stone or brick structure on your property is an investment, something that will beautify

and increase the value of your home.  You want the job done right.  Hanauer Stone and Brick has

stood the test of time,  having over 50 years experience, and conducting a business for the last

35 years.

Whether you choose us for your stone and brick project, or another contractor, please consider

carefully who you want to trust with this important addition to your home. 


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James Hanauer

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